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Imprinting the Wild – 6th April 2019

Imprinting the Wild – 6th April 2019

10.30 – 4.30 pm

Location: Whistlewood Common

Price: £50.

Imprinting the Wild is a workshop for anyone who wants to take time out of their busy lives to reconnect creatively with the wild world around them, and use nature to enhance and develop their creative writing and artistic skills.

In the morning, Emma will take you on a walk around the Whistlewood site and surrounding woodlands, exploring the five senses. Then she’ll guide you through creating a piece of writing inspired by what you have experienced. In the afternoon, Duncan will show you how to make a series of eco-friendly collograph prints to accompany your writing, using recycled and natural materials, including materials collected on the morning walk. The prints will be made on a printing press built out of an upcycled Victorian washing mangle.

At the end of the workshop, Emma and Duncan will show you how to bind your images and writing into a simple artist’s book, which you can take home to share with friends and family.


Workshop Leaders

This workshop is led by Emma and Duncan Pass, who are an author and artist team from North East Derbyshire. They are experienced facilitators with a background in creativity for wellbeing, and run creative writing and printmaking workshops for all ages and abilities.