Breathwork for Wellbeing – 9 September 2023 – FULLY BOOKED



10.00- 11.30 am
with Rebecca Sharp
About Breathwork for Wellbeing
Do you have challenges in life? Stress? Anxiety? Overwhelm? Old limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living the full life you wish for? Lack of confidence? Poor self-image? Trauma?
Breathwork is a fantastic way to release many of life’s challenges, work things out, gain clarity,  release trauma and allow you to move forwards into life with excitement, enthusiasm and joy!
We breathe every day I hear you say! Yes we do. This is a specific breath pattern, guided by Rebecca  to access the theta brain waves state and the subconscious to uncover locked up troubles, stresses and emotions. Allowing release, healing and a new perspective.
Monthly sessions – the next being 7 October at 10am approx. 1.5 hrs in total
to book Contact Rebecca 07891 512948 or email
Pre- booking only as spaces limited
Join Rebecca in the beautiful surroundings of Whistlewood Common.
Your investment is £20
About Rebecca Sharp
Rebecca has always had an interest in health and wellbeing.  She was raised by parents in the alternative health field; her Mother being a reflexologist, aromatherapist and psychotherapist and her Father being a medical herbalist. Eight years ago she qualified as a personal trainer and has been teaching classes and 1-1 sessions since then.
She found breathwork in 2019 and began practicing regularly herself. She finds it invaluable for stress management and clearing/addressing emotional issues, as well as helping her confidence and eliminating limiting beliefs. She also uses EFT (tapping) daily to address any pain, emotions and challenges she faces.
In 2020 she re-trained as a breathwork facilitator and EFT practitioner and has been guiding people 1-1 and on Zoom online classes. She also recently taught a breathwork for trauma course.
She has found that Breathwork sessions have helped people with anxiety, repressed emotions, depression, stress management, clarity, resilience, and general relaxation.


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