Day of 5 Rhythms Dance – Exploring our Inner and Outer Nature – 2 June 2019




Day of 5 Rhythms Dance – Exploring our Inner and Outer Nature

Sunday, 2 June 2019

with Jan Rosa Lee

11.00 am to 4.30 pm

£40 including refreshments  (Please bring a bring and share lunch). A limited number of concessionary places are available.


About the workshop

“Dancing From the Inside Out”- 5 Rhythms Movement Meditation/Ecstatic Dance.
A day to immerse yourself in your own natural dance, supported by the practice of Gabrielle Roths 5 Rhythms work. We will learn to listen to our bodies, hearts and minds, and bring them into alignment by following this simple yet profound movement meditation/conscious dance practice. Starting with the truth of wherever and however we are, physically, mentally, emotionally… we will bring ourselves into movement, and dance the “Wave “,  which is comprised of Flowing (earth ), Staccato (fire), Chaos (water ), Lyrical (air ) and Stillness (ether ).

Dancing at Whistlewood will bring us into communion, not only with ourselves and each other, but with the land, and the natural landscape both inside and out. Wonderful for relieving stress, enlivening ourselves, expressing , releasing and letting go, and celebrating our lives. Dancing from the Inside Out does not require any previous experience and is not a spectator sport.. there is no performance aspect.

“Put the body in motion “ urged Gabrielle “and the Psyche will heal itself.” Participants will learn how to take this dance practice home and adapt it as a daily or weekly practice, if they wish. It is ultimately a movement Meditation which can be adapted to suit all needs.

About Jan Rosa Lee

I started dancing in my mothers net curtains and lipstick when Pans People were on our old black and white TV. After a childhood full of Ballet, Tap and Stage dancing, Old Time Ballroom and Latin, I had a leg injury and stopped performing, sticking to disco dancing and later head banging!

I discovered the depth and freedom of Gabrielle Roths 5 Rhythms movement practice in my late 20s and studied for several years in the UK and Europe before undertaking the Teacher training with her in America and becoming one of her accredited teachers in 2001.Since then I have travelled and taught in Singapore, Thailand and Crete, as well as in the UK. I also studied African dance with Seraphin Zekoua of Ivory Coast, and taught Dance diversity classes combining different dance forms. What I am most interested in, is the therapeutic aspect of movement and dance, and this being accessible to everyone whether they consider themselves to be a “dancer “ or not. I also believe in creating a very relaxed and non competitive environment with plenty of room for humour.

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