Green Connections Ecotherapy Day – 20 July 2023


Green Connections Ecotherapy Day at Whistlewood Common

Green Connections retreat style days are part of an ecotherapy or ‘greencare’ mental health service delivered in partnership by Derbyshire Mind and Wellness Without Walls on the third Thursday of each month at Whistlewood Common.

We are inviting you to step out of the city, slow down, and spend a peaceful and fun day surrounded by nature and trees at our beautiful community site near Melbourne in South Derbyshire called Whistlewood Common, to see how nature benefits your mental wellbeing.

What are Green Connections Days ?

Our Green Connections days are a full day of slowing and spending time outside in a safe and peaceful location. You will be gently supported through a range of activities to connect with nature, connect with each other, and connect with yourselves and your own mental health.

You will leave at the end of the day feeling more relaxed and knowledgeable about how you can continue to use the benefits of nature to support your mental health.

Whether it is raining or sunny, or even snowing, activities are provided in line with the changing seasons and include varying horticultural based activities, conservation activities, natural art and crafts, and ‘forest bathing’.


We would love for you to join us!

Please feel welcome to find out more and/or book a place via this link



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