Propagate, Prosper, Preserve – 3 workshops – 10 March, 10 June, 9 September


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Propagate, Prosper, Preserve

Cost: £35 per workshop – £95 if all 3 workshops are booked.

Includes a healthy lunch, handouts, some takeaways e.g. plants, food.

Timings: 11-4 with an hour break for lunch

A series of workshops aimed at helping you to live a happier, healthier life whilst learning more about nature, gardening, and, of course, permaculture. Learn skills that can help towards local abundance.

Propagate – Sat, 10th March

It’s about more than plant propagation. The underlying theme of this first workshop will be proliferation. A rapid increase.

With that in mind, here’s what will be covered in this workshop:

  • Planning your growing space – what to grow where, when
  • Plant propagation:
    saving and sowing your own seeds, including deciding which varieties to grow
    taking cuttings of herbs and fruit bushes to create many more plants for free

Prosper –  Sunday, 10thJune

Bring life to your soil to grow healthy food for you, your family and friends.

The basis of this workshop is beyond organic gardening.

In this workshop we will cover and practice:

  • setting up ‘no dig’ garden beds – transform lawn to vegetables
  • composting, including: making plant compost teas, worm bins, traditional compost bins.
  • mulching and green manure



Preserve – Sunday, 9th September

So you’ve grown armfuls of delicious, healthy food. ‘What do I do with it all?’

Starting with: planning for harvest.

Following from the learning in the previous two workshops, we’ll discover how a well-designed garden doesn’t burden with crops but delights with produce.

Homemade jam has a taste of its own, far superior than supermarket bought.

How do we use all of this wonderful fruit and veg? Produce that we might learn about and make in this workshop includes:

  • Sweet fruit preserves e.g. jam
  • Other things to do with fruit e.g. dry it
  • Savoury preserves e.g. chutney
  • Drink it! E.g. juicing and tinctures

We can also cover setting up social systems, like small community groups, to help preserve and share abundant harvests.

All of the skills on this delectable menu will feed in to a Fermentation Festival at Whistlewood Common in the Autumn 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for details on that coming soon.


Workshop coordinator bio

Ryan holds a Permaculture Design Certificate and loves sharing positive, practical solutions. He is largely self-taught in gardening and cooking, through observation, inquisitiveness, and trial and error. There’s a proviso that Ryan doesn’t have any formal horticulture qualifications.

He’s read a fair few books and blogs but has also visited and worked on different gardens, with lots of different people over the past 8 years in different parts of the country. From an international community garden to a hilly clay veg garden.

Ryan gardens several days a month on a large allotment plot in Derbyshire, with help from 2 hens, and has a front yard nursery and messy kitchen at home. He no longer uses peat products, has never used slug pellets, and still gets nutritious food from the garden!

Ryan is an experienced presenter and workshop leader. His experience in delivering workshops is mostly in communications skills, which is his bread and butter. He holds a train the trainer qualification.

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