Wellbeing courses and workshops with Think like a Tree (online and in person)


More information about the courses  is available on the Think like a tree website, www.thinklikeatree.co.uk where you can book and buy online.

Courses are at Whistlewood, online and in other beautiful woodland venues.

We offer:

Think like a Tree programme (15 hours learning from nature for your happiness, health and wellbeing) In-person and online.

Workshops, including bespoke workshops for groups, workplaces – online and in-person.

– Training to become a Think like a Tree facilitator

Three books (available from the website, Amazon and other bookshops):

  1. Think like a Tree: the natural principles guide to life by Sarah Spencer
  2. Inspired by Trees: Creative Workbook: Wellbeing for you and our world by Sarah Spencer and Eva Spencer
  3. Inspired by Acorns: Activity book for kids by Sarah Spencer and Eva Spencer


We associate woodlands, forests and other natural ecosystems with resilience, longevity and harmony, but often struggle to experience these in our own lives.

By exploring principles derived from nature, the Think like a Tree programme will guide you step-by-step through a design cycle that can be used for a wide range of personal circumstances – relationships, health, wellbeing, leisure and work.

You may want to make a significant change, some small improvements, or just want to be more content or effective in your everyday life, and whatever your circumstances this course has something to offer.

Tutor Sarah Spencer holds a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and was the lead designer to the Whistlewood Common project.  Whilst designing landscapes, gardens and woodlands, Sarah came to realise that the same principles that make landscapes successful and enduring can be applied to our own lives.  She has  used these tools and principles in a wide range of applications in her own life, such as in Whistlewood’s organisational structure, designing workshops, and most significantly in designing her own health recovery. This lead Sarah to create Think like a Tree and she now trains a network of facilitators delivering courses and workshops across the UK and online.

Sarah works at Whistlewood with other Think like a Tree facilitators across the UK, including Samantha Woods of Seed of the Forest.

More course and book testimonials are on the Think like a Tree website:

“Profoundly life changing – it simply made me feel like I do have a say in my life, that I could have control over my life again and choose my path, and how to achieve things (through small and slow solutions), and how to harness and make changes for the better.  It’s not that difficult and beyond our reach, when as Sarah has demonstrated in the course, that simply distilling down and being taught the natural principles as applied to our own lives.  It has turned my negative thoughts of insurmountable impossibilities into actual possibilities.”

Book Think like a Tree course and buy books here  www.thinklikeatree.co.uk